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We are a public institution dedicated to international commerce.

The Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER) is the pillar of support for Costa Rican companies, especially for micro, small and medium-sized companies, throughout their internationalization process to conquer international markets.

We also simplify and facilitate export procedures and generate export chains. For this, we develop market studies that serve as a guide for country decision making and as a tool for exporters.

Thanks to the hard work of the entire export sector, from January to May 2021, exports of Costa Rican goods had a 23% rebound in the accumulated value compared to 2021, with a total exported value of US $ 5,771 million. For their part, services exports in 2020 had a challenging year due to the pandemic, when they closed with an amount of US $ 6,832 million. This meant a decrease of 29% in relation to 2019.

In 24 years of existence, PROCOMER has taken the lead in country projects such as the creation of the country brand essential COSTA RICA and the Single Window System of Foreign Trade (VUCE) 2.0. At the moment we are working on a very modern digital tool that will contain the entire Costa Rican export offer and that will be very useful to national exporters and international buyers to carry out business.


Costa Rica's Effect

Our History

PROCOMER was created in 1996 through the Law of the Republic number 7638.

In accordance with our founding law, we are responsible for:

  • Designing and coordinating programs related to exports.
  • Technical and financing support for the Ministry of Foreign Commerce (COMEX), to administer the special exportation regimes.
  • Promoting and protecting the country’s commercial interests abroad.
  • Centralizing and streamlining the importation and exportation processes.
  • Following foreign commerce statistics.


We facilitate and promote commerce abroad and investment.


To be the strategic benchmark for the private business sector in terms of foreign commerce and investment, in order to promote the development of the country.

Corporate Values

  • Ethics.
  • Responsibility.
  • Efficiency.
  • Commitment.
  • Teamwork.
  • Proactivity.




Strategic Pillars

Creation of new exportable offer:

It contemplates the promotion of new goods and services for export from the generation of capacities, business advice and 1: 1 support, the strengthening of the value proposition of companies, access to financing, the promotion of sustainable products and differentiated in key markets, access to market tests, the development of the Discover program and gender inclusion.

Consolidation of the exportable offer:

We work, in coordination with our strategic allies, to find the best market options, to innovate in the distribution channels of our offer, to break down little by little each of the barriers that limit the world's access to the best of the essence. Costa Rican.

Promotion of chains 2.0:

We continue working to increase the added value in exports, promote exports in SMEs and strengthen the national supply through inter-institutional coordination; That is why we increase our efforts to develop in SMEs the necessary capacities, through research, innovation and improvement of standards, to become suppliers of multinational companies that are part of the supply and logistics structures of world class.

Simplification of procedures:

Over the years this issue has become a challenge for exporters and entrepreneurs in the country, that is why we are committed to ambitious projects such as VUCE, VUI and CONAFAC to support the substantial reduction of procedures and provide more facilities for trade.

Institutional excellence:

For us, institutional excellence is achieved through joint work with all actors in the sector and strategic allies, with the planning, traceability and measurement of each action carried out, with the search for continuous improvement and the generation of new services.

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