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Our goal is to facilitate the process of exporting, buying and investing. Here are some tools you might need to start.

Find information depending on your needs, we have many resourses and activities that can help you decide and create succesful deals.

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Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica, a small country with a great vision. Like an essence, we are a concentrated country with a great and unique value that distinguish our people.


Multinational companies

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your own company.

Investment attraction

The first step to export is to come to PROCOMER.
  • Industrial Sector

    Known for its highly competitive high quality products as diverse as jewelry and personal hygiene products, to interior and exterior paints, and metal-mechanics.

  • Services Sector

    In Costa Rica we offer an interesting range of services in digital animation, video games, outsourcing, and other services.

  • Agricultural Sector

    An exquisite flavor and sweetness that comes from our diverse topography and multiple microclimates.

  • Food Industry

    Full of positive energy and accompanied by the highest standards of quality and leading-edge technology

  • Grace Ortiz

    "My experience with international markets has been extremely helpful. First, thanks to Jehovah and then to the International Business Roundtables organized by PROCOMER, I have had the opportunity to present my product to clients from many countries. I finalized exports with at least two of them and we are in negotiations with other destinations. My exports to the Dominican Republic and Panama have been a great help to position my products internationally and a great boost to increase my annual sales. I am very happy with the results obtained."

  • Laura Ortiz

    “We are a company committed to excellence and continuous improvement; we will offer our packaging solutions for various needs in industry and commerce; we have participated in business roundtables with PROCOMER, focused on very specific and strategic sessions to place our products in the region.”


Costa Rica's country brand

This country brand was conceived as a tool for positioning, diferenciation and competitivity.

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