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PROCOMER no está solicitando, ni solicitará información confidencial de sus empresas. Si tiene dudas sobre alguna comunicación recibida, no dude en contactarnos a través de los canales de comunicación oficiales.

We are motivated by challenges and we want to continue being the main actor among trade promotion institutions worldwide. Our institutional commitment is to maintain and improve ITC's qualifications in leadership and direction, resources and processes, measurement and results, and services. We want to continue showing that Costa Rica can be number one in foreign trade management.

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Find out what is behind the # 1 promoter in the world!


At PROCOMER we give you information related to our procurement and requirements needed.

Online Support

It is an immediate assistance service that gives you technical support related to the systems that PROCOMER gives you access.


Available Openings

Regarding the occupation of places, Febrary, 2022: the Foreign Trade Promoter of Costa Rica has a total of 229 places



As of February 1, 2022, there is a percentage of 2.63% of the 228 employees of the institution who currently have a balance greater than 30 days of vacation.

Leave of absence

As of the 2022 period, February, a total of 5 disabilities have occurred, adding up to a total of 14 days, which results in an average of 2.80 days of disability per employee. (Maternity leave is not taken into account).

Performance Evaluation

For the year 2020, the performance evaluation was made as following:




Not Evaluated


General Total




Not Evaluated



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