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This is a remote and immediate assistance service that provides technical support to the systems administered by PROCOMER.

Through this resource, the technicians at the Procomer can access the user's computer in order to take care of their needs immediately, thus avoiding administrative procedures related to the physical entry into companies (such as coordinating visits and accessing the companies' offices). This is all done without needing to send the personnel from PROCOMER to where the client is.

Remote support is free and its use is not limited to any specific geographic zone; the user just needs to have access to the Internet.

The service is optional for companies that want to use it, and is provided with the express consent and responsibility of the requester. Access to the computer is authorized and regulated by the user, and does not require the installation of any software.

Additionally, the connection is secure since it follows encryption protocols. This allows the protection of data at the moment it is transmitted, and guarantees information.

Each time that you would like to use the service, you should:

  • Communicate with PROCOMER's Information Technology Department by telephone during office hours at (506) 2505-4757 or (506) 2505-4700.
  • Authorize PROCOMER's technician to have access using a unique access code, previously provided.
  • Authorize the view of your work station, as well as control of it, through explicit consent.

Download the program here.

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