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Exporter training

At PROCOMER we offer a series of training sessions oriented at incentivizing exportation and the exportation chain, as well as to evaluate and update your knowledge, so that your business in foreign markets can take place successfully. 

Exportation chains

At PROCOMER we have an Exportation Chains technical department that is in charge of finalizing chains of high added value for exportation between multinational companies and domestic suppliers, with world-class storage structures and logistics.

Our main job is to evaluate the abilities of domestic suppliers—generally small or medium-sized businesses—that are required for the production of a product or service. We perform the evaluation using certified procedures that comply with ISO 9001 norms, and we evaluate infrastructure, production capacity, marketing, human capital, information systems, environmental management, and investment and innovation capacity.

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Commercial promotion

To successfully sell a product or service abroad, you need strong commercial promotion, and at PROCOMER we give you the tools to do that in the best way possible. We can help you participate in international fairs, commercial missions, and business meetings. Our network of 13 Commercial Promotion Offices is available to you, along with Costa Rica’s diplomatic branches abroad. These become an extension of your business and give you support to close deals.

Commercial information

Successful deals happen when exporters have the right information. That’s why at PROCOMER we support you through market studies, exportation and importation statistics, logistical information, and all types of commercial data that can help you make the best decisions and put you on the road to success.

Simplification and facilitation of procedures

One of our objectives is to centralize and streamline the procedures necessary for importation and exportation. We have been making great strides in this area, and continue to improve to make the foreign commercial procedures digital and to reduce your costs. In this way, PROCOMER and the 16 institutions involved in foreign commerce have all been working together on an ambitious project to reduce the costs and times of procedures by up to 90%. The system is the VUCE 2.0 (Single Window Foreign Commerce 2.0) system.

Some of the advantages of the VUCE 2.0 system are:

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