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Conozca la medidas del gobierno para mitigar el impacto del COVID-19 en nuestra economía y el empleo de las personas.
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fight against climate change

UK Government urged to back alternative proteins in fight against climate change

A new UK report says governments around the world are recognizing the need to incubate the alternative protein...
14 September 2021
healthcare for the future

How a pandemic transformed healthcare for the future

Healthcare professionals look back at what went right amidst the trials of 2020 and ahead to a new healthcare ...
6 September 2021

Digital Manufacturing and the Smart Factory in 2021

From operational intelligence to additive manufacturing, mass customization and speed - digital manufacturing ...
5 August 2021
Productos libres de gluten

Alternative grain-free flours are on the rise in the US

Yeast shortages and the bread-baking craze filled news and social media platforms in the past year as home bak...
5 August 2021
Supermercado , zona de frutas y hortalizas

Fruit and vegetable diversity: health and immunity drive appetite and pushes up innovation in Europe

Playing into natural, organic, health and sustainability trends, fruit and vegetable applications are experien...
5 August 2021

“Green” Cloud Computing could be the key partner for CO2 reduction

According to IDC, a specialized consulting firm in technology, the continued adoption of cloud computing could...
18 June 2021
cadenas de abastecimiento

Information technologies in the supply chain

Supply chains have drastically evolved from their inception to the complex systems that exist today.
18 June 2021
Pescado Fresco

Fish and seafood consumption are to grow in the coming years

Consumers will likely continue their dietary preference for seafood, and Fish and Seafood
18 June 2021

8 Top Trends in IT Security and Risk Management for 2021

According to Gartner, security and risk management leaders must address eight top trends to enable rapid reinv...
18 June 2021
Mesa con diversidad de platos de una dieta basada en plantas

Consumption trends in the food industry 2021

Everything is changing. The way we eat, the technology, people's expectations - the ripple effect of this is r...
18 June 2021

Nootropics: the future of functional drinks

Nootropics is a term derived from ancient Greek which describes substances or supplements which improve cognit...
18 June 2021
Variedad de frutas: naranaja, fresa, mora, manzana, uvas.

U.S. consumers increase preference for organic fresh produce

Near double-digit growth in organic sales highlighted retail sales in the first quarter of 2021 in the U.S
18 June 2021
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