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Servicios publicitarios costarricenses

The Foreign Trade Agency of Costa Rica identifies potential for the ICT sector of Costa Rica in Colombia

Costa Rican companies must assess four different segments for the realization of the commercial alliances
4 November 2022
Metaverse Evolution

Metaverse Evolution Will Be Phased; Here’s What It Means for Tech Product Strategy

He metaverse won’t be mature before 2030, but its potential to change
25 April 2022
data & analytics

Three imperatives driving the top trends in data & analytics for 2022

Data & analytics (D&A) leaders should embrace three imperatives when leveraging the top trends for 2022, according to Gartner, Inc
18 April 2022
supply chains pandemic-proof

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services sets out plans to make medical device, diagnostics supply chains pandemic-proof

The first phase of the coronavirus pandemic was marked by shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), durable medical equipment (DME), as well as limited access to COVID-19 diagnostics.
15 March 2022

More than half of IT enterprise spending will shift to the cloud by 2025, with carbon emissions driving cloud purchase decisions

Enterprise IT spending on public cloud computing, within addressable market segments, will overtake spending on traditional IT in 2025,
18 February 2022
Medical Devices

FDA and global peers create guiding principles for AI/ML medical devices

FDA has published 10 guiding principles for Good Machine Learning Practice (GMLP) in the development of medical devices with its regulatory counterparts in Canada and the U.K
7 December 2021
Specialty Foods

Top trends that will drive growth in specialty foods consumption in 2022

Familiarity and comfort are key when it comes to the USD 170,4 billion specialty food industry, according to the Specialty Food Association’s (SFA) trendspotting panel.
7 December 2021
Cloud Data Centers

New opportunities for Cloud Data Centers with Artificial Intelligence robots

According to Gartner, by 2025 half of all cloud data centers will deploy advanced robots with artificial intelligence
7 December 2021
Organic Product Sales

Organic Produce Sales Continue Strong

Year-over-year organic produce sales continued with a strong showing in second quarter (2Q) of 2021
27 October 2021
Boosting Spices

Increase in demand for immunity-boosting spices

The global COVID-19 pandemic motivated consumers to buy food and drinks that support their immune systems
27 October 2021
Supply chain

Gartner says supply chains must reduce their surface area risk to reduce the frequency of disruptions

Chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) must strategically reduce the rate of disruption to their supply chains by reducing their surface areas
27 September 2021
fight against climate change

UK Government urged to back alternative proteins in fight against climate change

A new UK report says governments around the world are recognizing the need to incubate the alternative protein sector.
14 September 2021
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