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In this section you will find what you need to install your operations in Costa Rica, information about special regimes with which we at home can access advice and to guide you in the process of starting operations. Approach PROCOMER, we will provide installation in our country!


Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica, a Small Country with a Big Vision

Like an essential essence, our country is concentrated, loaded with the unique, select value which characterizes our people.


of the world’s biodiversity

In only


of the world’s territory

We are 4.6 million

With 4600 products

For 150 countries

The Costa Rican people are educated, talented and receptive, . We have created a country which strives for a diversity of exports, production quality, and commitment to the environment. Our ingenuity, receptivity and opennesshas allowed the country to forge new realities. We ‘Ticos’ (the nickname by which Costa Ricans are endearingly known) make up a nation proud of our legacy. We are ready to make history in the eyes of the world. Costa Ricans are known for being hard-working, talented, y well-prepared,, and ready to assume new challenges requiring high specialization.. Authentic, co-operative, entrepreneurial, innovative, and always embodying our famous phrase, ‘pura vida’, pure life… These are the Costa Rican people.

Our passion and pride springs from unique sources, those moments when we have seen that, thanks to our values, we have successfully done things differently, Because we believe peace, , in education, in health, , in social wellbeing and progress, in self-improvement, , in innovation and sustainability, Our tourist attractions and our investment opportunities resonate with those who share our vision and our sense of responsibility for the future of our planet.

We Produce and Export Diversity

In 2014 we exported:


billion in goods


billion in services


exporting companies



The Costa Rican export sector has backed a strategy of diversification, Innovation, creativity, new trends and differentiated products.









Snacks nutritivos

Dispositivos de uso médico

Industria Aeronáutica

Series animadas para televisión




The Place, the People, the Opportunities: Invest in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a strategic destination for the operation of multinational enterprises in sectors such as the service industry, advanced manufacturing, life sciences and light manufacturing. Up to the present date, more than 250 world-leading enterprises have chosen our country as a place in which to expand their operations. Costa Rica has become the preferred destination in Latin America for leading companies in the high-technology industry seeking to install new investment projects. Many of the most internationally renowned companies have trusted in our country to provide attention to internal and external clients from this strategic location.

250 multinational corporations operate in the country.

  • 95% of the employees of multinational enterprises are locals.
  • Bilingual
  • Talented
  • Young
  • We are few hours away from the most important capital cities in the American continent.
  • Direct flight connections with more than 35 cities all over the world.
  • Maritime transport costs from Costa Rica are very competitive.
  • The country has become one of the most important nearshore locations.
  • 120 years of democracy together with our economic and political stability.
  • One of the highest GDPs per capita in Latin America.
  • The safest country in Latin America.
  • One of the happiest countries in the world.
  • 93% of our electricity generated by renewable resources

Priority Sectors for Investment Attraction

  • 57 companies
  • 5 world leading companies
  • Employs around 17,285 people.
  • Breast implants
  • Radiofrequency electro-medical devices
  • First place for national exports.
  • 142 highly-specialized companies which employ more than 46,400 people
  • Exports of almost USD$6 billion.
  • Shared services, software, entertainment and media, design and engineering, and contact centers.
  • 48 specialized companies which employ 17,164 people.
  • This sector covers from the manufacturing of electronics, automotive and aerospace components and subcomponents, joints and supplies, to engineering and design.
  • Light manufacturing projects, medical services, the food industry and agribusiness.
  • At present there are 15 investment projects in existence.

CINDE: The Organization Responsible for Bringing Investment to Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Coalition for Development Initiatives (CINDE for the initials in Spanish) is a private, nonpolitical, nonprofit organization. For over 30 years, CINDE has brought more than 250 high technology multinational companies to Costa Rica

Procter & Gamble




St. Jude Medical

Western Union


CINDE’s work begins with the initial contact made with companies seeking new investment markets. CINDE accompanies these in their selection process by providing detailed information on the country and by organizing personalized investment agendas.

Once the decision is taken to invest, CINDE assists in meeting the investor’s needs by organizing meetings with service: providers, governmental organizations, universities, lawyers, tax advisors, recruiters, industrial parks and office complexes.

Once installed in Costa Rica, CINDE’s After Care Department provides specialized support in strategic issues related to the successful development of operational expansion projects and the promotion of diversification of products.