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If you are wish to internationalize your product or service, here we give you the tools needed to start the exportation process.

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Costa Rica Essential Country Brand awarded as the best in the world in the category of best use of design 2022

The best use of a brand design applied to the biometric Costa Rican passport implemented in 2021 is awarded
10 November 2022
Industria Farmaceutica

Pharmaceutical sector of Costa Rica has the potential to expand exports to Ecuador

The Trade Association Agreement between Costa Rica and Ecuador represents a potential facilitator to consolida...
8 November 2022
Servicios publicitarios costarricenses
Commercial Alerts

The Foreign Trade Agency of Costa Rica identifies potential for the ICT sector of Costa Rica in Colombia

Costa Rican companies must assess four different segments for the realization of the commercial alliances
4 November 2022

IMPULSA Program will promote gender equity in business through training and access to financing for companies led by women

Articulation between PROCOMER, COMEX, the Chamber of Commerce, Brenau University and the Gender Parity Initiat...
11 October 2022
Metaverse Evolution
Commercial Alerts

Metaverse Evolution Will Be Phased; Here’s What It Means for Tech Product Strategy

He metaverse won’t be mature before 2030, but its potential to change
25 April 2022
data & analytics
Commercial Alerts

Three imperatives driving the top trends in data & analytics for 2022

Data & analytics (D&A) leaders should embrace three imperatives when leveraging the top trends for 2022, accor...
18 April 2022
Exportaciones de bienes crecen en todos los sectores

Goods exports grow across all economic sectors for the second month of the year

As of February 2022, goods exported from Costa Rica reached $2,388 million, signifying a growth of 15% ($310 m...
22 March 2022
supply chains pandemic-proof
Commercial Alerts

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services sets out plans to make medical device, diagnostics supply chains pandemic-proof

The first phase of the coronavirus pandemic was marked by shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), du...
15 March 2022

Goods exports grow 19% in the first month of the year

Costa Rica arrancó el 2022 con un crecimiento de 19% en las exportaciones de bienes, alcanzando la cifra de $...
22 February 2022
Commercial Alerts

More than half of IT enterprise spending will shift to the cloud by 2025, with carbon emissions driving cloud purchase decisions

Enterprise IT spending on public cloud computing, within addressable market segments, will overtake spending o...
18 February 2022
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