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Discover the bid of an industry with more than 100 years of experience, currently led by experts who continue with this trend, through innovation, and through the most delicious flavors that have positioned Costa Rica on the global stage.
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• Learn about Costa Rica and the exportable offer of its food industry.
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Source: PROCOMER. Data from January to December 2020.

An industry consolidated under the
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We have a talented workforce,  the cornerstone of the industry, capable of bringing life to subsectors as diverse as packaging, cleaning, personal care, agricultural supplies, nutraceuticals, metalworking and COVID products.

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High Value Added Products

Diversity, quality and excellence are just some of the features that make the Costa Rican exportable offer so unique. Learn more about what our companies have to offer!


We produce several delicious snacks offered in Costa Rica, most of which are healthy and derived from fruits and vegetables that thrive throughout the country.


Roasted Coffee 

We accumulate more than 200 years of experience in coffee production, which has resulted in a worldwide reputation for world-class Arabica coffee, the country's specialty.


Canned fruits and vegetables:

We offer low-sugar, low-calorie, and preservative-free options that have been successful in the international markets.


Juices and concentrates:

Products derived from Costa Rican tropical fruits have been recognized worldwide for many years, the most popular being juices and concentrates.


Sauces and dressings:

We succeeded in creating a synergy between the country's unique tropical flavors in a wide range of high-quality sauces and dressings, enjoyed by many international markets.


Alcoholic drinks:

Costa Rican alcoholic beverage manufacturers are world renowned for their ability to blend classic recipes with tropical fruits and exotic flavors, resulting in unique nuances that cannot be found anywhere else on the world.



We have one of the best cocoa in the world due to its unique organoleptic and aromatic properties, leading to worldwide recognition of the value of cocoa-based by-products from Costa Rica.


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