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Main Products

Fruit juices and concentrates

Pineapple, banana, orange, and mango are among the main juice and concentrate flavors exported, due to their exquisite and sweet taste.

Jellies, marmalades, and fruit preserves

In Costa Rica we have taken maximum advantage of the diversity, nutritional value, and exquisite taste of the tropical fruits that are harvested in our country. We have developed a wide range of fruit-based products, including pineapple and papaya preserves, dried fruits, orange and banana essential oil extracts, and others.

Sauces, condiments, and vegetable preserves

The range of salsas that we have in our country includes popular products such as tomato sauces, as well as innovative products like exotic fusion sauces. Currently, Costa Rica is the second-largest exporter of salsas and prepared sauces in Latin America and the Caribbean, and number one in tomato sauces.


Our meat and beef cuts are of prime quality and high nutritional value, low in fat and cholesterol, juicy, tender, and with a characteristic color. We have processing plants for meat products with an infrastructure that meets international quality standards and the demands of the main meat-importing markets.


Our country’s aquaculture is focused on the production and exportation of farmed tilapia.

Processed tuna

We offer a wide variety of gourmet and premium canned tuna, as well as sardines and canned seafood, all processed under the most rigorous quality and food safety standards.

Dairy products

Highlights include products such as long-life packaged milk, fortified milk, powdered milk, yogurt, ice cream, and cheeses.

Baked goods and pastries

We export cookies and crackers, pastries, ready-to-bake frozen bread, and specialized products that are free of gluten, sugar, or cholesterol.


Our “golden grain,” as we like to call it. This product is one of the best representatives of the vision and quality of what we produce in Costa Rica. The geographic and climatic conditions in Costa Rica provide excellent conditions for the cultivation of coffee. The beans are harvested manually and in a very selective way. This system not only guarantees the quality of the grains’ ripeness, but also is renowned for its contribution to the economic and social development of the coffee-growing communities.


We have made the supply of sugars for domestic and international consumption more dynamic and developed, offering the consumer high-quality products. We have been incorporating new technologies for the production of liquid sugar, through a microfiltration and bleaching process that guarantees a high degree of purity.

Heart of Palm

We commercialize preserved heart of palm in different packages: in glass jars, aluminum cans, whole or in slices, and in the most innovative and value-added packages such as frozen heart of palm or vacuum-packed fresh heart of palm. Additionally, the exportable supply of this product includes lactose-free soups and other products.

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