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Main Services

Architecture, design, engineering

We have companies that provide design, engineering, and construction services for office buildings, industrial and commercial structures, warehouses, hotels, tourism projects, condominiums, topographic studies, hydrology, seismic risk, environmental impact, the design of electricity transmission projects, administration of projects, consulting services in all areas of architecture and engineering, feasibility studies, master plans, pre-projects, the design of construction blueprints, and related services.

Medical tourism

Our country is one of the main medical destinations in the whole world. It’s a position we have earned thanks to the high quality of the services that we offer and our competitive costs. The newest technology is available to perform all types of treatments in different specialized areas, including dentistry, cardiology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, urology, and oncology, as well as peripheral vascular surgery, bariatric surgery, esthetic surgery, and reconstructive procedures.

Information technology and communications

Our ingenuity and creativity is shown through the wide range of IT products and services in Costa Rica, which include applications and web services; outsourcing; development of tools, mobile applications, and telecommunications; development of applications for different industries (financial services, retail commercial, health, tourism, construction, legal, governmental, educational, and others); high-availability data centers; custom development and design; business intelligence; and call centers.


Additionally, we offer a wide range of services in the audiovisual sector that includes offerings in the areas of pre-production (location scouting, casting, production design, and technical sound design), production (producers, location managers, sound and photography directors, production designers, and drawers), and post-production (animation, motion graph, musicalization, dubbing, editing, special effects, subtitles, and imaging).


Costa Rica also stands out in the area of digital animation, offering services such as storyboards, production design, graphic design of characters, art direction, adaptation of screenplays for animated productions, visual effects, and post-production.

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